If your company has made expenditures (time, equipment, etc.) toward any of the following activities, you may qualify for a cash refund of up to 40% (in Ontario):


        - Developing a new product

        - Developing a new process

        - Developing new equipment

        - Developing a new tool

        - Developing a technical procedure

        - Extending a product line

        - Improving a product

        - Investigating new materials

        - Exploring doing things better/cheaper

        - Exploring new uses


The refund is not contingent on its success or whether your company has paid corporate tax.




       - We perform all the work involved for the preparation of both technical and financial reports as well as full preparation/attendance of the audits.


       - We work on a 100% contingency basis, so there is no risk/cost to you unless we get you money back.

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